How can I copy Saved Layouts from one site to another?

If you need to copy Saved Layouts from one affiliate site to another, you can accomplish this using the Move to Master feature on the Saved Layouts tab. Here's how:




1. Login to the school with the layouts that you want to copy.

2. From the Yearbook Ladder, click Edit to open any section in the editor. 

3. Click the Saved Layouts tab.

4. Locate the layouts you want to copy, and check the box to select each.

5. Click Move to Master. You will be prompted to place the layouts in a Category on the Master Site. Select a category, then click OK. Your layouts will be copied to the Master Site.

6. Saved Layouts on the Master Site appear in all affiliates, so you can now access them from another affiliate. If you'd like you can also copy them to an affiliate, and then delete them from the Master.


You can only use the feature above to move layouts within an account. To move layouts from one Pixami account to another please submit a detailed Support ticket. This process requires one hour of custom development effort by a Pixami engineer.


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