VIDEO - What's New in the Software for the 2023-24 Season?

Pixami worked hard over the summer on a brand new version of the software for this season! Here's a brief video introduction, followed by the complete list of new features.


Here’s a final description of the new features and changes for the Fall 2023 release of Yearbook Pro.

  • New Look and Feel.  Yearbook Pro has a brand-new look that's clean, colorful and contemporary!
  • Face Matching Technology. Yearbook Pro now has built-in Face Matching! Here’s how it works:
    • Once Portraits have been uploaded for each school, Pixami's Face Matching technology will automatically start up on the server, in the background.
    • The Face Matching technology analyzes the face in each student portrait, creates a database of unique facial characteristics, and associates the data for each face with the name already provided.
    • The software then analyzes all candid photos using this database and applies names to the recognized faces.
    • In multiple places in the software, it will display the name for each matched face that's located in a candid photo.
    • You can search across all candid and portrait photos for a student, by name.
    • A Coverage Report feature will allow you to view the students that are most represented, and least represented in the yearbook, so you can make adjustments.
  • Online Support Contact. In order to simplify support for users, you can list your contact information directly in the software, and choose to provide a link to an online Yearbook Knowledge Base, provided by Pixami.
  • Online Calendar. Yearbook Pro users and admins can manage important dates and deadlines right inside the software, organized by Event Type.  A Yearbook 101 Marketing Guide will contain everything you and your schools need to develop and manage a comprehensive marketing plan, and add important actions to the Calendar.
  • New Image Editor. A totally redesigned image editor provides basic editing controls and effects, including an awesome new Duotone Effect. The Editor is available on the Photos page, and also directly from the editing toolbar in Advanced Design!
  • Borders and Edges.  Also in Advanced Design, there are now nearly 100  great Edge Effects in 8 categories, in the Borders and Edges dialog.
  • New Content. The new version includes 10 new professionally designed themes for Elementary, Middle and High School, along with a complementary set of design Elements,  250 new Google fonts, and more.
  • Content Review.  In addition to the New Content, we removed a big selection of old, outdated Themes, Backgrounds and Elements. We then did a complete Quality Control review of all remaining content and made numerous minor corrections.
  • HEIC Support.  The software now supports upload of HEIC files from Apple devices.
  • Minor Updates.  As always there are also numerous minor feature enhancements and bug fixes

We hope you like the update! Feel free to comment.



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