How do I add a new school to the system?

To add a new school affiliate site, first log into Admin, then click Add Affiliate at the top right of the page. Follow the instructions and enter the requested information to submit the school. Refer to the detailed instructions on the page.

Once you’ve submitted your request for a new school affiliate, please allow until the end of the next business day for the site to become available. You will receive an email when it’s ready. If you checked the box to e-mail Adviser, the initial Adviser will also get an email along with login instructions once the site is ready.

Important! Each new affiliate will automatically use one license from your available license pool. Please contact Pixami to order more licenses when needed.

Important! For schools that have already used the software in a previous year, do not set up a new affiliate site. Instead, you should Renew their previous site to prepare it for the new season. Please refer to the instructions for renewing sites.


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