How do I reset (renew) a school affiliate site for a new season?

When a school returns for a new season the site must be renewed before they can begin their new book. The renewal process deletes the old book, with numerous options that dictate which other aspects of the project to keep or delete.

Sites can only be renewed by an admin. Please contact your yearbook provider to renew your book, and with any questions.

For admins, here are the steps to renew a school affiliate site:

  1. Log into Pixami Admin.
  2. Click on Manage Affiliates on the top navigation menu.
  3. Under Affiliate Status, check the box next to the affiliate that you'd like to renew.
  4. Click the Renew button at the top of the page.
  5. In the Renew Affiliate dialog, carefully select the renewal options. 
  6. Click OK to approve renewal of the site.
  7. Pixami Support will receive your renewal request and renew the site by the end of the next business day. You will receive an email when the process is complete.

Important! Renewals cannot be undone, and any sections, pages, or images that are deleted as part of this process cannot be recovered. Therefore, before you begin please make sure the school is finished with their previous book, and that all the settings are correct according to their expectations.