Why doesn't the Remove Background feature remove the entire background?

The Remove Background feature removes the background from a selected photo, for a great design effect. This feature does not work the same for every photo, however. Successful background removal depends on selecting the best photo. 

Selecting the best photo:

Photos with backgrounds that are soft, subtle and plain, and with edges that are distinct, will work the best.  If the background is too busy, or if it contains a pattern, or soft or transparent edges, the background may not be able to be removed. In this case it’s recommended that you try a different photo.

The Remove Background feature uses a third party utility that requires credits. One credit will be used whether or not the background was removed to your satisfaction. Therefore it's important that you choose photos for this feature carefully.

Removing backgrounds on your own:

The software supports uploading PNG files with a transparent background as Candid photos. Therefore, as an alternative you can use any other software to remove the background and save as a PNG file, then upload to Pixami for the same effect.


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