Using and Teaching the Software

Check here for tips, tutorials and other helpful info!

  • NEW! 2023-24 Yearbook Pro Adviser and User Training Video

      New for the 2023-24 season! This is a long (1 1/2 hours) video for Advisers and Users of Yearbook Pro. This video explains the primary functionality of Yearbook Pro in detail, and is a must-watch for Yearbook Advisers that are new to the software.  

  • Everything You Need to Know About Face Matching Technology!

      Face-Matching Technology Has Been Added for 2023-24! Here's Everything You Need to Know Face-Matching is a game-changing technology that was just added to Pixami's yearbook software for the 2023-24 season. This technology 1) automatically tags candi...

  • VIDEO - What's New in the Software for the 2023-24 Season?

    Pixami worked hard over the summer on a brand new version of the software for this season! Here's a brief video introduction, followed by the complete list of new features. NEW FEATURES Here’s a final description of the new features and changes for the...