Documentation and Reference

Here are the latest User Guides and Content Reference Materials. PDF's, Posters, Flipbooks and more!


User Guides

  • YB Essentials User Guide

    This User Guide describes the process for creating your yearbook using Pixami's YB Essentials. 

  • Pixami Yearbook Pro - Design Style Guide

    The Design Style Guide features tips and tricks for designing outstanding yearbook pages. Example yearbook designs are displayed with detailed descriptions, design elements used and design tips and tricks on how each design was constructed. Click here t...

  • NEW FOR 2023-24! Pixami Yearbook Pro End User Guide

    This User Guide describes the process for creating your custom yearbook. You can also click the Help links in the software for additional information or quick assistance with a particular feature. Click here for a Flipbook of the User Guide. Download a...

Design & Content Guides

  • NEW! Yearbook Ad Content Guide

    The Ad Content Guide displays Yearbook Ad templates available in a variety of professionally designed Themes, organized into categories and multiple sizes.  Click here for a Flipbook of the Ad Content Guide. Click here to download the Ad Content Guide.  

  • NEW! 2023-24 Yearbook Themes Flipbook and PDF

    Check out the 10 new yearbook themes for the 2023-24 season! These themes offer a great selection of fresh new designs in the latest styles, to complement the already large selection in Yearbook Pro. Click here to view a Flipbook of the 10 New Yearbook ...

  • 2023-24 - Pixami Yearbook Pro and YB Essentials Content Reference Guide

      The Content Reference Guide contains content featured in the software, including Backgrounds, Layouts, Clip Art, Elements and Fonts. This is the new version for the 2023-24 season. Yearbook Pro-only content is denoted in the guide with a PRO icon. Cli...


  • NEW! Font Poster - Printable 22 x 28 inches!

    New! Printable 22 x 28 Font Poster For the 2023-24 season we added 200 New Google Fonts to the software. The font poster is a beautiful and valuable reference tool that displays all of the available fonts, sorted by style. This is a print-quality poste...

Tip Sheets

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