How can I add my own custom background to my page?

You can create your own background design and then upload it as a Candid photo to use as a background. In the editor, locate your background photo on the Candids tab, then drag it to the page. Next, select the photo, and click the down arrow in the toolbar. Then from the Fill Page menu choose Fill Page / Send to Back to make the candid photo a background for the current page. Choose Fill Spread / Send to Back to make the photo the background for the entire spread.

Pixami Yearbook providers can also upload custom backgrounds directly to new Background categories, for use by all of your customers. You can upload page backgrounds on your Master site, on the Photos tab, under Backgrounds. You can upload cover backgrounds on your Master site, on the Photos tab, under Covers.

Important! Background files must be created as RGB JPG files, with an exact size of 5475 x 3675 pixels for the inside pages, and 6360 x 4125 pixels for the cover. Clip Art should not be used as a background.


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