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General Questions

  • I lost my password! How do I retrieve it?

    The easiest way to retrieve your lost password is by clicking on the Forgot Password? link on the login page. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. If you don’t see the email, please check your SPAM folder. Click the link i...

Book Design

  • How do I add a special character such as a tilde or accent?

      Some words and names require special characters, such as an accent marks or tilde. Here's how to add special characters in Pixami software. Adding Special Characters in Windows OS Step 1: Open the Run Command box by clicking the Windows + R keys on ...

  • How do I add page numbers to my book?

    Page Numbers must be initially enabled in Pixami Administration, by an Admin. Please contact your yearbook provider and they will be able to assist you. An admin will be able to specify position of the page numbers (top inside, top center, top outside, ...

  • I deleted some page numbers. How can I get them back?

    Missing or deleted page numbers can only be reinstated by an Adviser. To restore page numbers, go to the Configure page, then click on Page Numbers. Click the Restore button to return all page numbers to their current settings.

  • How do I add more pages to my yearbook?

    Additional pages can only be added by an Admin and may affect the price of your book. Please contact your yearbook provider and they will be able to assist you.

  • How do I create an Index for my book?

    The Index feature allows you to create an Index section in your book, that lists all students in alphabetical order along with the pages number(s) in which they appear. Student names are automatically added to the index for Portraits. For Candids you wi...

  • How do I move a photo or other object on top of another?

    To change the layering order of photos, elements, clip art and text objects, first click on the item to show its toolbar. Then click the down arrow icon at the right of the toolbar. In the Layer menu you can choose Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Send Ba...

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Yearbook Ladder


  • Why aren’t my portraits showing up after I uploaded them?

    While you’re uploading your portraits using the Portrait Importer you will see a progress bar indicating the amount of time remaining, and a message when the upload is complete. If your portraits don’t appear in the software once the upload is complete ...

  • Can I add candid photos, text and clip art to my portrait pages?

    Yes. Once you’ve laid out your portraits on the page (using the Portrait Wizard), you can use any of the available editing tools to embellish your pages. For example, you can drag clip art objects or candid photos onto the blank areas of a portrait page...


Proofing and Printing

  • How do I tell if my text and images will get cut off in production?

    On the Editing page, the dark gray border around the book page represents the Trim area; any elements that extend into this area will be trimmed off the page in production. Therefore, do not place any elements (text, photos, clip art) in this area unles...

  • How do I submit my finished yearbook for print?

    You can submit your book for printing once all sections have been completed and then approved by an Adviser. On the yearbook ladder, click Mark Section Complete to submit each section for review. Next, an Adviser will need to click Mark Section Reviewed...

  • How can I generate a local Proof PDF of my book?

    You can generate a low-resolution, watermarked PDF of your book at any time for the purpose of proofreading and review. To generate a proof, click the PDF Proof button on the yearbook ladder for any section. You will have the option to generate a PDF of...

Managing Users and Passwords

  • How do I delete a user from the software?

    To delete a user from your site, go to the Users page, then click Settings for the user in question. Under the User Role menu, select None (Delete User), then click OK.  The user will no longer be able to login to the site.


  • How can I turn off the content I don’t want to use in my book?

    Advisers have complete control over the content that is available on the site, including Themes, Backgrounds, Fonts, Clip Art and Elements. To configure which content is available, an Adviser can go to the Configure page, then click on the tab for the c...

  • How can I delete my background?

    To delete the background from your page, open the page in the Editor, then click the Background button at the top right of the main toolbar. Scroll down to Clear Background to delete the current background.

  • How can I change the color of my background?

    To change the color of background on your page, click the Background button at the top right of the main toolbar. Choose Colorize to open the Color Picker. Next, choose the new color for your background, and click OK. the background color will be updated.

  • How can I add my own custom background to my page?

    You can create your own background design and then upload it as a Candid photo to use as a background. In the editor, locate your background photo on the Candids tab, then drag it to the page. Next, select the photo, and click the down arrow in the tool...

  • How can I add my own custom clip art to the site?

    To add your own custom clip art to the site, go to the Photos page, then click on the Clip Art tab. Click New Folder to create a new folder for your clip art, then click Upload to upload your clip art to the currently selected folder. Clip Art should be...


  • Why am I having experiencing problems connecting or slow performance?

    Pixami Yearbook Pro requires a reliable high-speed Internet connection to work properly. If you’re having problems with the software running slowly or performing erratically, it’s very likely caused by a slow or unstable Internet connection, or a proble...

  • How do I clear my browser cache?

    Google Chrome Step 1: Open the settings — Launch Google Chrome, click the Chrome menu icon represented by three horizontal bars in the upper-right corner of the browser window, and click Settings near the bottom of the resulting drop-down menu. Afterwar...

  • Does the software support HEIC files from an Apple Device?

      The answer is Yes. As of September 2023 you can upload HEIC files directly into Pixami software, and they will be converted automatically to a compatible format. See below for more detail.   WHAT IS THE HEIC FILE FORMAT? HEIC is a proprietary file for...

YB Essentials

  • What’s the difference between YB Essentials and Yearbook Pro?

    Pixami offers two yearbook design options.  Yearbook Pro has full collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the yearbook simultaneously. Design Wizards aid novice users, while advanced editing tools and a full content suite allow maxim...

Directory Pro

  • How do I create a membership Roster for my directory?

    The Index feature allows you to create a Roster in your book that lists all members in alphabetical order along with the contact information you choose to add. Here's how to create an Index: On the Directory page, click New Section and type in Roster f...