How do I create a membership Roster for my directory?

The Index feature allows you to create a Roster in your book that lists all members in alphabetical order along with the contact information you choose to add. Here's how to create an Index:

  1. On the Directory page, click New Section and type in Roster for the Section Name. Under Pages be sure to include enough pages to fit your Roster, noting that you can adjust the number of pages later as needed. Click OK to close the dialog and add the new section.
  2. Click the Edit icon to open the Roster section in the editor.
  3. Next, click on the Layouts Choose the Index layouts you want to use and drag them onto each page of the section. Note that you can change the layouts at any time in the future.
  4. Click the Create Index button to launch the Index Wizard.
  5. In the Index Wizard, choose the information you want to include for each member in the roster, by dragging it from the left to the right in the dialog.
  6. Next, choose the Text point size for your Index entries, and click the checkbox if you’d like to Add headers for the letters of the alphabet. Then click Create /Update Index. All of your member information will automatically be flowed into the Roster.
  7. When the Roster has been successfully created you will get a message to confirm. You can make any adjustments and click Create/Update Index as needed to update the Roster with any changes.
  8. Important! Your Roster will not update automatically with future changes. Make sure to return to the Index Wizard and click Create/Update Index to capture all final changes before submitting your book.

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